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“Deb is incredibly insightful. She helped me to realize the contribution I can make professionally goes far beyond my traditional training as an attorney. With Deb’s coaching, I have rediscovered what comes naturally to me and brings me joy. Deb has truly expanded my horizons.”

Tina M. San Diego, CA

“I’d been dragging around fear in my professional life and it had been quite successful at keeping me stagnant. The thought of leaving a company I’ve been with for many years, taking on a new career, and not being up for the challenge were weighing heavy on my mind. Deb made it easy for me express my concerns and address them head on. She exposed me to many processes that helped me decide which direction to explore. I made some very big decisions during the time I was speaking with Deb and I did so in confidence. I truly believe Deb helped me move forward on finding personal success and fulfillment.”

Cullen F. Austin, TX

“I reached out to Deb, because I knew I needed to make some changes. The dissatisfaction with my professional life started to seriously affect other parts of my life. Not knowing where to start, Deb carefully listened to my concerns and perceived challenges. She never told me what to do, but rather taught me tools and techniques to understand my true calling and to get the needed change underway. Today, I have much greater clarity of what truly makes me happy and I am well on my way to making things happen!”

K.E. San Diego, CA

“I always came away from my coaching sessions with Deb with more clarity.  Deb helped me get to the core of my limiting thoughts with laser-like precision. She’s very compassionate, but she held me accountable for my own results. I truly appreciated that!  Working with Deb has given me more confidence to step into my new business venture.  She’s helped me see that I can be my own worst critic.  She’s also provided me with some great ideas and business strategies I can actually implement.  Deb is calm, centered, and knowledgeable. Her energy is positive and welcoming, and I always looked forward to our coaching sessions.  I was in very capable and caring hands!”

Marcia S. Irvine, CA

"I began working with Deb during a tumultuous time in my career when I was contemplating a dramatic change. Not only did she help me organize my thoughts and emotions around my career considerations, but I was able to apply the lessons she taught me much more broadly than my career. Deb makes it very easy to work through difficult or complicated matters with simple devices and shared personal experiences. I’m extremely grateful to Deb for providing me a set of tools I can apply to future situations in both my professional and personal lives.”


“Deb taught me how important it is to pay attention to your ‘body compass’….how does something make you feel? I use this skill all the time now, and I’ve passed it along to friends and family when they are trying to make decisions in their life.”

Tracy H. La Jolla, CA

“Deb is a caring, intuitive and sensitive life coach. In our multiple coaching sessions, she always listens intently and is able to hear clearly my true core message even when sometimes I cannot. Not only does this validate my feelings, but helps me to understand myself. Deb uses her genuine talent to show me the way to discover myself. She has a wonderful gift of using analogy and guides me using metaphor to dig deeper into my feelings. Deb has taught me to trust my body compass, to trust my feelings and my own intuitions. I have been fortunate to have met Deb as a coach. I would highly recommend Deb when you need gentle, thought provoking guidance to overcome life’s challenges. She has helped me have more confidence and trust in myself. Many thanks I give for working with Deb.”

Laureen W. Glendale, AZ

“I really enjoyed working with you on my budget (and my life)!! You have taught me, not only how to create my own workable budget for the coming year, but also to examine my feelings around the money that I spend. I feel like I have really grown through this process. I am excited to see how the changes I have made in life manifest success in my relationships and finances. I just found out that I have been accepted to one grad school and am eagerly waiting to hear from another. It feels amazing to know that regardless of where I end up, I am going to grad school and following my passion!”

Rhoda A. San Diego, CA

“It has truly been my pleasure to work with you! I’m grateful for your insights and support. I know I’m on the right path.”

Laurie R. San Diego, CA

Finnegan Financial Coaching, LLC is in the business of providing financial and life coaching to clients who wish to improve their understanding of their financial situation and skills for making decisions surrounding their lives. Finnegan Financial Coaching, LLC does NOT provide specific investment, tax, or financial advice. As such, Finnegan Financial Coaching, LLC is not required to register as an Investment Advisor under Section 25009 (a)(2) and (5) of the CA Corporations Code.