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Whatโ€™s the ripple effect of your financial actions?

We help you develop personal financial skills,
o you can handle your finances with confidence.

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Are you:

  • Struggling to gain control of your personal finances?
  • Wondering how to save for retirement while paying back debt?
  • Confused about how and where to save and invest your money?
  • Afraid to even look at your bank account and credit card statements?
  • Feeling shame and embarrassment about your money matters?
  • Doubting your ability to make good financial decisions?

Money is simply the energy of value.

It’s exchanged to show the value for what you’ve either given or received. 

If only it were that easy…

Think about it.

We chase it, grasp it, hoard it, and stash it.
We burn through it and let it slip through our fingers.

Those are just some of the things we humans do with money…

…And it can get in the way of how money flows in and out of your life.

Are you in control of your money or is it controlling you?

You can’t always put your finger on why you do these things.

Imagine if you could ease your negative thoughts and behaviors with money, make peace with it, and just let money flow in and out of your life. No attachments necessary.

It’s possible. That’s how a financial coach can help you.

Then there’s the HOW TO part of being able to take charge with your finances.

We help you develop personal financial skills through our financial education programs.

Most of us weren’t taught HOW to handle our finances when we were growing up, leaving us in a hot mess of trial and error that compounds throughout our lives.

When equipped with the powerful combo of the right mindset, confidence building knowledge, and the skills to take consistent action, you’ll be on the road to financial empowerment.

Finnegan Financial Coaching will help you:

  • Find out what’s holding you back from taking control of your finances.
  • Discover how to handle your personal finances like a PRO.
  • Improve your financial competence, so you can confidently converse with your financial advisors.
  • Create financial routines to stay on track without wasting your time.
  • Develop financial empowerment, so you can live an empowered life.
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What we provide:

Financial Coaching

Certified Master Life Coach helps you uncover your hidden money beliefs and overcome obstacles.

Financial Education

Digital courses to help you develop personal financial skills (coming soon).

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Financial Expertise

30 years of experience as a fiduciary in wealth management and financial services. Bound by the Certified Financial Planning Board's Code of Ethics.

Deb Finnegan, CFP® is an experienced trusted wealth advisor, a Certified Master Life Coach, and the founder of Finnegan Financial Coaching, LLC.

Deb is now coaching those seeking to develop financial empowerment and teaching personal finance through digital courses.

We provide financial coaching and financial education based on a breadth of experience in wealth management, lending, investing, retirement planning, estate planning, and life coaching.

Our coaching services and programs can help you whether you’re just beginning your financial journey or are well-established and developing as your financial wealth expands.

We help you identify the money beliefs that are holding you back from taking action and help you reframe them so you can take positive action.

We empower you with financial knowledge so that you can confidently speak with your financial advisors about your specific circumstances.

What we don't provide:

Specific Financial Advice
Specific Investment Advice
Specific Tax Advice

We are not an investment management firm or registered investment advisers.  We cannot provide you with specific financial advice, specific investment advice, or specific tax advice.  

 We always advise you to speak with your financial advisers, tax professionals, and legal professionals before you implement any strategies or tactics to your overall financial plans.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Education and Coaching only
    • We are not seeking to manage your investments.
    • We teach you what your financial advisor doesn’t explain.
    • Full Transparency. No conflicts of interest.
  1. Depth of Experience
    • 30 years of experience in the financial services industry
    • 5 years life coaching experience.
    • Certified Financial Plannerä.
    • Extensive experience in wealth management, lending, investing, retirement planning, insurance, and estate planning.
  1. Unique Blend of Financial Skills and Life Coaching Skills
    • We’ll help you uncover your hidden money mindset.
    • We’ll help you reframe those beliefs to break through your money blocks and overcome obstacles.
  1. Online training (coming soon)
    • Learn at your convenience through digital courses (coming soon)
  1. Community Support (coming soon)
    • Connect with others sharing similar experiences.
    • You don’t have to go on this journey alone anymore.
    • Everyone will develop financial empowerment together.


What skills are you interested in developing right now?

Finnegan Financial Coaching, LLC is in the business of providing financial and life coaching to clients who wish to improve their understanding of their financial situation and skills for making decisions surrounding their lives. Finnegan Financial Coaching, LLC does NOT provide specific investment, tax, or financial advice. As such, Finnegan Financial Coaching, LLC is not required to register as an Investment Advisor under Section 25009 (a)(2) and (5) of the CA Corporations Code.


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